The Congee Culture Of Hong Kong

As with most regions of China, Hong Kong has their own unique take on Congee culture. Unlike the primarily grain paired variations in the North, Congee in the Southern provinces reflect the warmer climate and the variety of produce and ingredients available. Southern Congee often include red dates, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, etc. as raw material, paired with seafood, poultry or other meats for extra flavor and nourishment.

Congee in Hong Kong strongly mirrors Cantonese soup culture, where top chefs and housewives alike, pick and choose from the rich variety of seafood and other fresh ingredients available, masterfully combining them to create delicious slow-cooked, nourishing delicacies.

This Chinese food therapy philosophy carries over to the preparation of Congee, with the particular measurement of rice, water and heat balanced with other fine ingredients to achieve a delicious, comforting treat.

In fact, Congee is so intertwined with the Hong Konger’s everyday life, that will find folks enjoying white Congee at local food stalls, Chinese donut and Soy Sauce Chow Mein with sprouts for breakfast, lunch. Deep into the night, as a late night meal you will likely see the same folks feasting on blanched fish Congee with Beef Tongue Pastry.

Due to the demand throughout the day, it allows business owners to even start their Congee businesses on the boat by the shores throughout various famous sea ports in Hong Kong.

The Story Of Chan Kee

As people in Hong Kong people have such a demand for Congee, Chan Kee has opened specialty restaurants to focus on Congee favorites. With the most sophisticated preparation techniques and freshest ingredients Chan Kee promises delicious crowd pleasers such as Blanched Fish Congee, Beef Congee, House Special Congee, Mixed Pork Organs Congee, Albalone Congee, homemade Beef Tongue Pastry, Chinese Donut, various rice rolls and noodle dishes on top of the excellent service Chan Kee is reknowned for.

Chan Kee recently expanded into the city of Los Angeles, to offer Congee lovers the same level of professionalism and rigorous production as in Hong Kong. We constantly challenge ourselves to provide the highest quality dishes as a sign of appreciation to our customers. Whether you are new to Congee or already familiar with Chan Kee, we welcome you, to experience Chan Kee and spread the word.